Consumer Insights
Actionable insights about your brand are waiting to be mined!
How do you translate a hunch into a solid marketing plan?  How do you convince your boss, your client or maybe yourself that you know what makes your target consumers tick, even when the consumers themselves may not?  How do you find the marketing gold in an ever-evolving consumer landscape?
Pump up the discovery process for these tough marketing issues with the powerful array of consumer insights available from GfK MRI.  No company knows more about American consumers--or offers as many ways for marketers to get to know and understand them.

GfK MRI’s innovative, standard-setting research delivers…
  • A vast library of quantitative data about consumers’ product purchases and usage, much of it tracking back over 30 years;
  • An encyclopedic repository of consumers’ attitudes, opinions and mindsets;
  • Broad coverage of consumers’ media habits and preferences;
  • Detailed marketing data nationally and for all 205 media markets in the continental U.S.
GfK MRI provides the knowledge and the tools you need to discover unique and actionable insights about your target consumers.

Click on any of the links below to see examples, frequently updated, of strategic insights that only GfK MRI can deliver.

                 Attitudes & Mindsets
                 Media Habits
                 Product Usage
                 Inside Brands
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