Digital Update Video Series
To help you keep up with the fast-changing consumer adoption of--and behavior on--Tablets and eReaders, GfK MRI has launched a new "Digital Update" video series--in which we regularly share insights from the Survey of the American Consumer, Starch Advertising Research and the GfK MRI iPanel.
Video Viewing on Tablets
In this video:
  • How do tablet owners feel about video ads on their device?
  • What kind of ads do tablet owners prefer to see while viewing video on their device?
  • How much of their time do tablet owners spend watching video content on their device?

Gaming on Tablets 


In this video:
  • What other devices do tablet owners use to play games?
  • Top game genres tablet gamers play on their device
  • Top games tablet gamers play on their device



Top Interactive Magazine Ads on Tablets
In this video:
  • Top interactive magazine ads among readers. 
  • What drives readers to interact with magazine ads on tablets?



Most-Read Magazine Ads on Tablets
In this video:
  • The most-read magazine ads on tablets, by advertiser category. 
  • What makes magazine ads stand out on digital devices?





Interest in In-App ads
In this video:
  • How interested are tablet owners in In-App advertising? 
  • Which types of In-App ads are preferred by tablet owners?
  • And more...



Tablets & TV: Two-Screen Viewing


 In this video:

  • Where is consumer attention focused?
  • What are tablet owners doing on their tablets while watching TV?
  • How are tablets used to enhance the TV watching experience?
  • And more...


 Magazines & Tablets, Part 2
In this video: 
  • Tablet owners' thoughts about magazine formats, personalized ads, and click to buy features
  • Opinions on digital vs. paper magazines
  • And more...




Magazines & Tablets, Part 1


In this video...

  • Are Tablet owners interested in reading digital magazines?
  • How common is digital readership of back issues?
  • Which digital platforms are preferred by Tablet owners?
  • And more...




Tablets & eReaders: The "Always On" Media


In this video...

  • Tablets and eReaders are “Always On” media.
  • The majority of Tablet and eReader owners use their device on an average day.
  • Daily usage levels are consistent across gender and age.
  • There is minimal weekend/weekday usage differences.
  • And more...






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