BrandPanel Research
Make a direct research connection with your customers.
BrandPanels directly and efficiently connect marketers with customers. Like MediaPanels, BrandPanels are easily adaptable, allowing clients to quickly modify their research questions to reflect changing strategies without assembling a new group of participants.

Powerful Uses

Online panels can involve a large number of participants in a relatively short time, and for relatively little cost. They can yield rich insights and unanticipated ideas, and often suggest the direction for more rigorous research. They can respond to a wide range of research activities and issues: 

  • Product feedback 
  • Ad execution pre-testing
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Price sensitivity 
  • Pre/post advertising awareness
  • Brand trial and usage
  • Segmentation or conjoint analysis

GfK MRI recruits panel members using client and purchased e-mail lists, and promotes panel participation with online banner ads and direct mail campaigns. Prospective panelists complete a qualification questionnaire used for panel profiling and subsequent sampling.

An annual subscription to BrandPanel allows users to conduct up to four panel surveys a month.  




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