Custom Reader Profile Studies
Follow your reader.
Who buys at the newsstand, and how are they different from subscribers? What about the loyalists and regular readers among newsstand buyers? Is it loyalty, curiosity or frugality that drives readers to a magazine’s website? What are the readers who migrate to the online version like? How and why does reader loyalty transition from the physical to the digital domain (and vice versa)?
The answers to these fundamental questions about the different ways in which consumers relate to a publication’s presence in the media marketplace can be found with Custom Reader Profile studies from GfK MRI. Any publication, large or small, in print or online, can benefit.
GfK MRI surveys readers with return-mail questionnaires inserted in subscription and newsstand copies, or online, promoting appropriate traffic to a dedicated survey website. Incentives encourage participation and high response rates, adding credibility to the data.
New data can be integrated with the Survey of the American Consumer™ database and with data from other syndicated and custom studies conducted by GfK MRI, including Subscriber Studies and proprietary readership surveys.  




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