Connect with your readers in (almost) real time, without breaking the bank.
MediaPanel is an online market research panel that directly connects media content providers with members of their audiences. By design, MediaPanels are easily adaptable, allowing clients with changing strategies to quickly modify their research questions without assembling a new group of respondents.
Online panels can involve a large number of participants in a relatively short time, and for relatively little cost. They can yield rich insights and unanticipated ideas, and often suggest the direction for more rigorous research.
GfK MRI supplies the medium while the client provides branded content for the panel, including all questions. Panels are fielded, supervised and managed by GfK MRI, freeing the client to focus on objectives and results. 
An annual MediaPanel subscription allows users to conduct up to four panel surveys a month. Clients can change their surveys as their research requirements change. MediaPanel reports are available online and are frequently updated.




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