Subscriber Retention Research

Find out how to attract new subscribers.
GfK MRI subscriber retention studies help publishers better understand their most loyal subscribers, explore why some readers let their subscriptions lapse, and devise solid strategies for attracting new subscribers and generating more renewals.

Know your most loyal subscribers

Understanding why some subscribers renew their subscriptions year after year is a big first step in growing subscription rolls.
  • Examine the motivations of new and renewing subscribers.
  • Identify likely new subscribers (and, for ROI’s sake, unlikely subscribers).
  • Provide actionable data to support solid circulation strategies.
Don’t let them slip away
GfK MRI's The Reader That Got Away retention research can help publishers get back non-renewers. Understanding attrition and developing an action plan reduces churn, enhances a magazine’s appeal to advertisers and ultimately increases profitability.
All data generated in GfK MRI retention research can be indexed against the Survey of the American Consumer™ database.




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