Web Audience Research

Connect what you know with what advertisers want to know.
For magazines, the Internet can be a dynamic resource for expanding audiences. While many titles may see sizable proportions of their audiences migrating to their digital counterparts, they are also gaining new, online-only readers, and converting many online readers to print subscribers. GfK MRI can explore and profile these new readers and provide an in-depth view of their online and offline behavior as consumers of ideas, products and media.
Profiled data about site readership is more actionable than data aggregated from click-based “real time” data. Importantly, all new audience data generated in an GfK MRI custom research study can be indexed against GfK MRI’s Survey database.
GfK MRI’s view of the digital universe can venture beyond a client’s website to include readership of associated blogs, marketing e-newsletters or just about any other online communication that uses a client’s customer e-list.




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