Data Partnerships
Market Solutions has dozens of partners who depend on GfK MRI's Survey of the American Consumer™ to strengthen their own consumer databases and provide clients with insights to fuel their CRM programs.  Many of GfK MRI's data partners specialize in geo-demographic or household segmentations and direct marketing, but just about any company that maintains a proprietary consumer database, especially a media company or consumer product or service provider, can "partner" with GfK MRI to enhance and deepen its knowledge of existing and prospective customers.

The best numbers in the business

GfK MRI can add value to proprietary consumer databases because it delivers the best consumer and media research data available.

The Survey of the American Consumer provides more insight into the actions, preferences and motivations that drive the consumer market in the U.S. than any other marketing database available.  GfK MRI takes no shortcuts in building the Survey database.  By speaking directly with American consumers in their homes, face-to-face, GfK MRI provides a solid and reliable foundation for analytical insight into the consumer marketplace.

Innovative applications

GfK MRI data partners can use the Survey datebase in a number of ways:

  • As a "truth file" for compiled databases to ensure that the data are nationally representative.
  • Validation of proprietary or syndicated segmentation models.
  • Propensity modeling for various products and services.
  • Data Integration with the Survey database of customer or consumer databases for expanded insight into their behaviors and attitudes.
  • Direct Name/Address Matching, to enhance the intelligence value of consumer data.
  • Predictive Analysis, for building a highly reliable model using consumer or customer data that correlate with Survey variables.
  • Custom Segmentation, using GfK MRI data to create proprietary client segmentation models.  For more information visit our Data Partner Segmentations page.















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