High-End Analytical Solutions
Put your numbers to work.
GfK MRI Market Solutions offers a number of high-end analytical solutions to generate fresh insights from existing data, bridge or match disparate datasets, and integrate new or proprietary data with existing databases, including the Survey of the American Consumer™.

The Omnibus Re-Contact Study poses client questions directly to respondents in The Survey.
Virtual Re-Contact Studies pose questions to Survey respondent online proxies.
Direct Name/Address Matching matches names on a client’s database with those in GfK MRI’s national Survey database to create a powerful hybrid database that maximizes the “intelligence-value” of client records.

Data Integration – integrating GfK MRI’s Survey data with a custom or proprietary database can produce an expanded view of a client’s customer universe and provide powerful insights.
Predictive Analyticsallows marketers to rank consumers by their likelihood to purchase and draw up efficient media plans for reaching likely prospects.
Custom Market Segmentation provides the multi-dimensional view of consumer prospects that marketers increasingly require. 
Leverage the power of GfK MRI to make your consumer segmentions actionable.

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