Custom Market Segmentation
Beyond simple targeting.

Segmentation identifies different subsets of prospective customers and suggests ways to develop successful marketing relationships with them. Segmentation can be a powerful analytical tool, allowing marketers to escape demographic gridlock and reap the benefits of a reliable multi-dimensional view of their entire prospect base.
Segmentation analysis enables clients to increase the effectiveness of their sales and marketing strategies by identifying best and new prospects, evaluating market potential for specific products and determining the best cross-sell and sell-up opportunities. The reliability of a segmentation and its ability to represent market realities depends on the reliability of the database undergoing analysis. That’s where syndicated or custom research from GfK MRI comes in.

Using GfK MRI syndicated databases

  • Any market custom segmentation analysis will benefit from GfK MRI’s commitment to statistical reliability and comprehensiveness.
  • Apply proprietary segment definitions to the Survey of the American Consumer™ database.
  • Apply Survey segment definitions to a customer or third-party database.
  • Integrate a customer database with any GfK MRI syndicated database and use proprietary or GfK MRI definitions in subsequent segmentation analysis.




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