Data Integration
Put your data to work with GfK MRI Market Solutions.
Data integration takes two or more disparate datasets and puts them to work together, with a net increase in value or actionability and a greater capacity for supporting strategic marketing decisions. Integrations involving GfK MRI syndicated or custom data benefit from their reliability and scope.
Data integration can also be used to identify new target segments and refine existing ones. It enhances the value of a market segmentation in much the same way that segmentation often does a better job at capturing “best prospects” than simple targeting.
Data Integration Techniques
GfK MRI Market Solutions uses a number of data integration techniques to establish a solid foundation for accurate market estimates and projections:
Bridge Modeling use common variables to form a “data bridge” linking an existing client database with an GfK MRI database.
Direct Name/Address Matching is used by large national marketers to link their customer databases with GfK MRI’s Survey database.
Model Calibration relies on predictive modeling to identify “linkage variable candidates” from the Survey database.
Omnibus Segment Load uses re-contact data from Survey respondents to establish new segment definitions.
Virtual Re-Contact custom fuses established client segmentations with questions or statements attached to GfK MRI’s Survey database.




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