Direct Name/Address Matching
For a more robust view of your national customer base.

Direct Name/Address Matching integrates customer files with the most comprehensive and reliable national consumer database available, GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer™. Customer names are matched with Survey respondent names, creating a hybrid database and a powerful resource for generating custom-tailored insights about a proprietary customer base.

For large national marketers, Direct Name/Address Matching is an elegant, quick and inexpensive way to enhance the value of their customer records:

  • Correlations between target and syndicated variables are captured.
  • Syndicated data are used to find likely prospects outside of the target.
  • Matched target members can be combined with “most similar” respondents to generate a larger target group.
  • GfK MRI respondents found on customer database receive segment values directly, and segments can be directly tabbed.

Direct name/address matching is only appropriate for marketers with extremely large customer databases - a minimum of 10 million records – but it is uncomplicated and highly efficient.

Importantly, name/address matching takes place only on GfK MRI’s side of the fence - respondent identities are never revealed to clients.




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