Omnibus Re-Contact Study
Make the GfK MRI Survey your own custom survey.
The Omnibus Re-Contact Study enables marketers to address their own questions directly to respondents in GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer™. Clients can integrate Omnibus data with the Survey and analyze new proprietary data in a national and competitive context without incurring the high costs of independent research.
Key Uses
Segmentation Analysis - use Omnibus data to create custom segments for deeper consumer analysis and incorporation into media strategies.
Data Integration - tabulate Omnibus data, including custom segmentations, against Survey results.
Direct Marketing Strategies - use custom data points to link customer data with the Survey and enhance consumer relationship marketing (CRM) applications.
Omnibus questionnaires are mailed to all participants from recent waves of the Survey. GfK MRI’s consultancy service is available to provide segmentation analysis and data matching using new re-contact data.




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