Predictive Analytics
Use high resolution data to target your most-likely prospects.
Predictive modeling (or list scoring) allows marketers to rank consumers by their likelihood to purchase and draw up efficient media plans for reaching likely prospects.
GfK MRI can “distill” a massive list of prospects down to those consumers most likely to respond to targeted messages. For marketers whose customer databases do not have enough “predictors” for building an actionable model, GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer™ can be a powerful source of correlations to feed predictive models.
Predictive analysis for direct marketers
GfK MRI specialists offer the complete “predictive” package: the ability to find the right consumers, send them the right offer and account for the influence of mass media on their responsiveness.
The impact of mass media on a marketing campaign can be difficult to trace, even with reach and frequency analysis. GfK MRI can help marketers find the right balance between reach and frequency, building an appropriate level of awareness among the right consumers so that, when they are exposed to a response-eliciting message, whether it comes in the mail, via the Internet or through an addressable set-top box, it moves them to positive action.




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