Virtual Re-Contact Research
Custom research data when time is of the essence.
Virtual Re-Contact Research uses advanced data integration techniques to allow marketers to add their own questions to GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer™, with online respondents standing in for Survey participants. Clients have more control over timing, sample size and, ultimately, the cost of attaching their primary research to Survey data.
Key Uses
Add new research to the Survey database.
Is syndicated research missing a necessary level of detail? Virtual Re-Contact research can be used to attach any question or statement to the Survey.

Attach proprietary segments to the Survey.
Use new data to create custom segmentations for deeper consumer insights and strategic incorporation into media planning.

Linkage variables allow responses to be integrated with the Survey database, providing a national and competitive context foe the new data without the costs of independent research.
GfK MRI Market Solutions offers several reporting options: respondent-level data, tabulation of the entire integrated dataset and interpretive reports by GfK MRI specialists.




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