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  • Reach offline targets online with GfK MRI Digital Targeting
  • Starch Digital – magazine ads that nailed the recipe for success
  • 40 is the new 30
  • Julie Says, "Let's get heavy"

  • Florian Kahlert joins GfK MRI as managing director
  • Starch Digital finds sweet spot for candy ads
  • Traveling Foodies — a pairing of savvy and influential
  • Julie says, "Get CRANKing on your ranking"
  • Starch Digital reveals tablet ads that deliver
  • More than meets the stomach - a look at organic foodies 
  • Julie says, "Strike when the data are hot"
  • USA TouchPoints update: Mobile media meets Main Street shoppers


·      The Source March 2013

  • Second edition of GfK MRI's iPanel Reporter
  • US Adults give (green) thumbs up to gardening
  • Advice from Julie Erbe on quintiles and terciles
  • The USA TouchPoints update on sports TV and multi-tasking
  • ComScore MRI Fusion
  • Exercise - more than meets the waistline
  • Advice from Julie Erbe on getting the right media usage score
  • The USA TouchPoints update on primetimes in the c-suite
  • Introducing GfK MRI's first iPanel Reporter
  • Keller Fay TalkTrack/GfK MRI Data Fusion
  • Nielsen TV/GfK MRI Data Fusion delivers unduplicated TV audiences
  • Advice from Julie Erbe on automotive, travel and TV sets
  • The Audience Risk Manager
  • How Osborn Barr uses our data to build relationships
  • How QR Code users are influential across several categories
  • Advice from Julie Erbe on selecting the best bases for an analysis
  • The USA TouchPoints update on Tablets and context of use
  • Ad Noting Scores For Digital Versus Printed Magazines
  • Lights, Camera, Action: America (Still) Goes to the Movies
  • Magazine Reading on Tablets - What Readers Want
  • Get Psyched Out, Not Left Out
  • 5 Things You May Not Know About Consumers
  • How Large Is The "Cord Cutting" Phenomenon?
  • Watch Your Weight!
  • GfK MRI Participates In An AWNY Panel Discussion On The Impact Of Tablets On Print
  • Reindeer Logistical Optimization Cites Dallas As First Stop On 2011 Trek
The Source October 2011
  • Five Things You Should Know About Consumers, Tablets And eReaders
  • In the Bag: Identifying Category Shopper Behaviors And Attitudes At The Store Level
  • Uniquely Granular, Comprehensive Data On How Adults Spend Time--24/7
  • Finding Heavy Brand Users In GfK MRI Data
The Source July 2011
  • Introducing GfK MRI Focus: Retail
  • BFGoodrich Inspires A New Generation Of Gearheads
  • What steps is GfK MRI taking to measure digital content and digital ad readership?
  • Boomer Millionaires - Not Like Thurston And Lovey At All
  • GfK MRI and comScore Fusion Will Provide Insights Into Print and Online Audiences
  • New Digital Update Video Series
  • The Print Industry Gets It Right
  • Indie Guy--The New Male Target
  • The Secret Sauce of Marketing to Frequent QSR Patrons
  • GfK MRI's Consumer Insights Group Turns Marketplace Mysteries Into Success Stories
  • Coming This April--Two GfK MRI Webinars
  • Marketing to Vacation Travel Influencers
  • Magazines Come Of Age In Media Mix Modeling
  • 2010 American Kids Study -- New Brand Data; New Insights Into Parent/Child Balance Of Power
  • eReaders on the Rise
  • How Do I Run One-Wave Data in MEMRI?
  • The GfK MRI Research-Based Holiday Gift Guide
  • Transitioning to Multiplatform Print Brand Measurement
  • GfK MRI -- Making Don Draper Proud
  • 'Granularity' Delivers More Accurate Measure of Print Advertising's Impact on Sales
  • Actual Research, Actionable Results: AdMeasure Optimizer -- GfK MRI's New Advanced Print Planning Optimizer
  • When speaking about the Survey of the American Consumer, GfK MRI often refers to "Waves," such as Wave 62.  What does this mean?
  • The Impact of Ad Adjacencies on Readership
  • 2010 Psychographic Sourcebook Available in Hard Copy
  • Join us on Facebook
  • GfK MRI Explores Best Way to Measure Magazine Readership Across Platforms
  • MediaCom Gets Attitude(s) From GfK MRI
  • Magazine Covers' Impact on Readership
  • What is the difference between Response Rates and Cooperation Rates?
  • Cover-To-Cover, Introducing the Ad Traits Database
  • GloboBus Provides Brand Insights Here, There And Everywhere
  • Serving It Up At New York City Food Bank
  • Cover-To-Cover, Insights Into Print Ad Effectiveness
  • GfK MRI and Media Behavior Institute Partner to Launch USA TouchPoints
  • Amalgamated: Putting Brands At The Heart Of A Culture
  • Why Is Source-Of-Copy Not Used In MRI’s Composition Targeting Algorithm?
  • Social Networking Isn’t Just For Kids Anymore




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