Ad rating metrics with a sharp focus on ROI.

AdMeasure delivers reliable ratings for magazine advertisements, providing marketers with the granular ROI-focused metrics they need for strategic media decisions.
GfK MRI leverages three media currencies to generate AdMeasure’s comprehensive ad ratings: GfK MRI’s benchmark national study, the Survey of the American Consumer™; GfK MRI’s Issue Specific Study, which measures readership for individual issues of magazines; and Starch, the industry standard in print ad effectiveness research.
AdMeasure moves the needle on the print ad accountability dial from the traditional “had an opportunity to see” measurement to a new zone of “actually saw” and “actually acted on.” Traditional vehicle-based metrics, such as  total audience,  can be augmented with information about how an individual ad performs – how many readers of a specific magazine issue noted a specific ad, how many read any or most of the ad, how many took a specified action related to seeing the ad.
AdMeasure strengthens magazines’ ability to compete in the media marketplace and maintain and build market share. And, because it comes from GfK MRI, marketers can be sure that AdMeasure metrics reliably represent their markets.
GfK MRI’s proprietary SmartSystem provides digital access to the entire AdMeasure database, with advanced analytical and reporting capabilities for hundreds of thousands of print ads in more than 180 magazine titles. No other company offers so many perspectives on ad content.
Advertisers want more accountability for their ads, and AdMeasure delivers. It puts magazines on the leading edge of accountability.



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