American Kids Study
Kids are influential consumers, too.
Often overlooked in national surveys, children age six to 11 influence many of the media and consumer decisions made in millions of American households – over 44 million households, according to the Fall 2010 Survey of the American Consumer™.
To fill in the gap, GfK MRI conducts the American Kids Study™, collecting data from approximately 4,500 boys and girls living in households that have already participated in the Survey of the American Consumer
The American Kids Study™ uses an innovative child-friendly questionnaire that focuses on 5 areas:
  • “About You”: demographic information
  • Magazines: audience measures for 13 magazine titles
  • Other Media: TV, Internet, video games, movies, radio, and music
  • Products: food and beverages, nutrition, restaurants, toys
  • Lifestyles: sports, hobbies, advertising attitudes, thoughts/feelings, purchase influence

How many kids prefer your brand versus a competitor's? We can tell you.

Subscribers can access household information at the brand level for the Kids Study.  These data are available for 27 categories, including Cereal, Cookies, Corn Chips, Ice Cream, Juice Drinks, Potato Chips, Pretzels and Snack Cakes.

Find out how Parents and Kids Sync Up...

In addition to surveying children in the household, GfK MRI asks "primary caregivers" -- typically mothers or stepmothers -- to fill out a separate questionnaire detailing the child's purchase influence and activities as well as the caregiver's past purchases and purchase intent on behalf of the child.  Subscribers can access American Kids Study and Parents Study™ data in the same cross-tab, allowing them to analyze how parents influence their children and visa-versa.

Kids' Attitudinal Insights

GfK MRI asks these young consumers a series of questions intended to gauge their feelings and attitudes across a number of issues:

  • Advertising Preferences
  • Electronic Entertainment Preferences
  • Magazine Attitudes & Actions
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Nutrition
  • Sports
  • Thoughts and Feelings
  • Video Games

For a complete listing of the psychographic data collected in the American Kids Study, see the GfK MRI Psychographic Sourcebook.

Click here to see the American Kids Study Questionnaire

6-19 Database

The 6-19 database aggregates data common to the American Kids™ and Teenmark® studies. Marketers may focus on any age group within this range, including the sought after “Tween” segment.






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