Digital TargetBuilder
A Breakthrough in Online Targeting
GfK MRI and Datalogix have entered into a unique partnership, Digital TargetBuilder, to convert GfK MRI-defined audiences into targetable cookies that can be deployed online.
Breaking down the silos between offline and online media planning and buying, Digital TargetBuilder taps into Datalogix's powerful DLX Platform, the leading source of purchase-based audiences for online advertising.  DLX Platform can apply GfK MRI targets to online audiences available with virtually every major online media company, including portals, exchanges, ad networks, DPSs, DMPs and Agency Trading Desks.
It all begins with GfK MRI's Survey of the American Consumer™, the largest and most reliable consumer and media usage research survey.  The Survey delivers insights into consumers' media choices, demographics, lifestyles and attitudes, and usage of almost 6,000 products in 550 categories including category spending and/or volume; it offers more than 60,000 data points on consumers--more than enough to build a rich and detailed consumer target.
With GfK MRI's study and Datalogix's powerful DLX Platform, display advertising can now be delivered to precise GfK MRI-defined offline audiences through most major online media outlets including ad networks and DSPs.











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