Hispanic Consumers
One source, complete Hispanic Market data.

GfK MRI fully represents the Spanish-speaking market in the Survey of the American Consumer™. The high response rate among Spanish-dominant consumers is strong evidence of the power of the personal interview as the Survey’s core methodology.

GfK MRI recruits bilingual interviewers and translates all interview support material into Spanish, including the letter of introduction, personal interview guide and self-administered questionnaire. No other changes are made in the data collection process, and the same questions are asked of all respondents in the Survey, regardless of language used.
Many of the questions asked by GfK MRI will be of special interest to marketers who target Spanish-speaking consumers, particularly questions related to language capability and usage, and country of origin or ancestry. Both the Spanish and English versions of the self-administered questionnaire include questions that measure viewing of more than 100 Spanish-language TV programs.
GfK MRI also offers several proprietary segmentations from data partners. Offerings, which are available at an additional cost, include:
Geoscape’s Hispanicity™ segmentation is now available in GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer.   This segmentation classifies Hispanic consumers based on several characteristics related to the process of acculturation (the process in which an immigrant or offspring of immigrants adopts the culture of his or her country of residence).
Hispanic Cohorts ® is a household-based segmentation comprising 19 unique and diverse consumer segments within the American Hispanic community. Hispanic Cohorts collectively offers marketers the ability to understand the demographics, lifestyles, attitudes and behavioral characteristics of this market.
PersonicX Hispanic, by Acxiom, is a household-level segmentation system that classifies all U.S. Hispanic households into one of 48 clusters according to their different demographic, socio-economic, and acculturation.
GfK MRI’s in-depth look at Hispanic consumers in the U.S. was discussed in Media Magazine’s Connecting with Hispanics, by Sue Nunez, Senior Account Executive/Agency & Multicultural Sales at GfK MRI. Connecting with Hispanics






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