Issue Specific Readership Study
Every issue of every measured magazine.
The Internet’s real-time reporting capability has changed the ROI game for the rest of the media world. No longer content with just issue circulation numbers or six-month readership averages, magazine advertisers want to know how many people had an opportunity to see their ads in the actual issues in which they appeared. GfK MRI’s innovative Issue Specific Readership Study delivers issue audience metrics and helps magazines compete more effectively with other media.
Issue Specific is conducted online in order to achieve the stability of large samples in a compressed time period. Data is referenced to GfK MRI's average issue audience estimates from the Survey of the American Consumer™, ensuring reliable audience metrics for measured issues. Issue readership counts and indexes are provided for total adults and by age, gender, household income, and education level.
Subscribers receive a weekly report in the form of an interactive spreadsheet.


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