JD Power Fusion
Adding consumer insights to the automotive marketing mix.
GfK MRI has teamed up with J.D. Power and Associates to integrate the industry’s most reliable consumer insights with the industry’s leading automotive research database. Combining a broad range of attitudinal metrics from GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer™ with JD Power’s extensive automotive magazine and cable network database provides marketers with a powerful resource for identifying and understanding their best prospects in the new car market.
Demographics alone can be a poor predictor of model purchase and are not much help in differentiating “enthusiasts” from “functional” new car buyers.  The GfK MRI/JD Power Fusion provides new insight into these consumers and delivers reliable data for powerful analysis of competitive vehicle segments, often to the level of individual models.
At the individual respondent level, key attitudinal measures from GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer™ are “fused” to new vehicle buyer information collected by J.D. Power.  This provides, for the first time, psychographic data on new vehicle buyers and the magazines and cable networks that reach them. Responses to hundreds of attitudinal questions are provided across 11 key product, marketing, service and personal values categories.




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