Mining for insight has never been easier
MEMRI is GfK MRI's proprietary analysis software package. MEMRI provides unlimited subscriber access to over two decades of GfK MRI's consumer and media database, and to a number of other syndicated studies, including Mendelsohn, ABC and IntelliQuest.
The mining of large, complex databases is now faster and easier than ever before. MEMRI maintains the look and feel of popular spreadsheet packages so users of all levels will find it easy to use. MEMRI features include:
  • Crosstabulation – a profiling system used to define and understand a target.
  • Target Explorer - quickly identify/define targets based on composition or coverage.
  • Cost Ranking – media analysis and ranking system used to determine the best media candidates to communicate to your market.
  • Print Reach & Frequency
  • Multi-Media Reach & Frequency – combine media schedules to determine the best budget allocation across media.  Database fusions can be used to when analyzing Multi-Media plans; optionally, user entered schedule totals can be used for each media type included in the campaign.
  • CumePlus – print and multi-media Reach & Frequency system reporting weekly, quarterly and total campaign delivery. Graphing capabilities included for easy visualization of campaign peaks and dips.
  • Trending – easy access to 10+ years of data in one report. MEMRI's proprietary universal coding structure automatically codes across all GfK MRI adult databases.
  • MagTrend - easy trending of all relevant metrics for any GfK MRI measured publications.
  • Dynamic code-rolling - automatically updates coding from previous Survey of the American Consumer™ studies.
  • Advanced Electronic Dictionary - creation of simple to complex codes including easy coding of automotive, travel, volumetrics and N-tiles.
  • Powerful and Flexible Charting Package -built-in link to PowerPoint.
  • Geographic Mapping - Graph data by region/sub-regions; vividly high lighting strengths and weaknesses by market, market penetration and composition, and more.
  • Correspondence Mapping - identifies and graphically depicts correlation between data points; distinguishing people in a market, while explaining the variance.









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