Market Segmentations
GfK MRI’s high-resolution look at a large sample of American consumers – approximately 26,000 respondents annually for Survey of the American Consumer™ report – allows it to focus in on particular segments of the market and produce highly detailed and reliable reports about them.
Five segmentation reports are available to Survey subscribers…
Consumer Innovators
A segmentation study that examines new product usage and receptivity in five consumer categories: Electronics, Finance, Home Appliances, Leisure and Food.
A segmentation study that focuses on eight groups of consumers: Outdoor Energetics, Collectors, General Actives, Nesters, Party People, Golfers, Hunters & Fishers and Passives.
The Upper Deck
A segmentation study concentrating on affluent Americans, segmented into five lifestyle groups based on marital status, parenthood, occupation and household income.
A market report that identifies purchase decision makers across eight business-related product and service segments.
Top Market Reports
Market reports for 10 of the country’s top markets, replicating the national survey in each of the country’s most important DMA’s.


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