MediaDay™ adds a new dimension to media analysis – time.
MediaDay™ charts the course of consumers’ media attention throughout the day. Conducted by telephone re-contact of participants in GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer™, MediaDay™ integrates media consumption data with the Survey database to provide insight into the daily media behavior of specific consumer targets.
Sample MediaDay™ Information
  • Media used in the previous 24 hours:  TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, Internet, exposure to Outdoor advertising.
  • Where specific media are consumed:  at home, in the car, at someone else’s home, at work/in the office, in car, in a restaurant or bar, on train, bus or airplane, in beauty parlor or barber shop, in doctor/dentist office, other place.
  • Activities while consuming a specific medium: household chores, working, shopping, exercising or participating in sports, interacting with others, using other media.
  • How focused on a specific medium:  very, somewhat, not very, not at all.

MediaDay™ also reports on DVR usage, instant messaging usage, consumption and creation of blogs and use of the Internet or mobile devices to download items such as music, movies and TV programs, use of social networking sites, and video games in multiple platforms.



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