Charting media brand audiences across platforms.
The Internet is increasingly a delivery channel leveraged by other media. In response to the challenge of measuring media brand audiences across different vehicles, GfK MRI and Nielsen have joined forces to bring to produce a unified dataset of off-line and online media usage by American consumers.

Net//MRI reports duplicated and unduplicated audiences for traditional media brands with complementary websites.  Media planners use Net//MRI to better evaluate the efficiency of cross-media schedules. Publishers and producers use Net//MRI data both to support circulation or audience strategies and to drive traffic to their sites.

Net//MRI fuses GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer™ multimedia consumer database with Nielsen//NetRatings, which reports page-view click-stream data, 30-day net reach and traffic source for approximately 2,300 Internet sites. Fusion takes place at the respondent level, ensuring sound and reliable data.
Net//MRI reports are updated monthly, shortly after the regular release of Nielsen//NetRatings.
Two report options are available for subscribers:
  • Net//MRI:Media - media and demographic metrics;
  • Net//MRI:Media+ - media, demographic, product and category consumption metrics.





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