Psychographic Segmentations
Insight into how consumers see themselves.
Segmenting consumers by their responses to psychographic questions can deliver insights into motivations or behaviors that are unavailable with market analyses based only on demographics.
GfK MRI currently offers 28 psychographic segmentations in nine categories.
They include:
Advertising & Media
Health & Nutrition
Interest in Advertising
Cooking & Food Shopping
Media Attitudes
Diet Control & Eating Habits
Newspaper Readers
Doctors & Healthcare
Responsiveness to Ads Across Media
Eating & Nutrition
Medicine & Drugs
Community, Politics, Environment
& Attitudinal Outlook
Civic/Political Engagement
Sports & Leisure
General Attitudes
Green Attitudes & Behavior
Fashion & Shopping
Internet & Mobile Web
Buying Styles
Mobile Attitudes
Consumer Innovators
Technology Attitudes
Fashion & Style Attitudes
Travel & Transportation
Interest/Expertise in Automobiles
Banking Methods
Preferred Automobile Characterics
Market Involvement & Savings
Travel Planning
Money Borrowing Attitudes
Vacation Preferences
from Third Party Batteries
Influential Americans
Category Influentials
Psychographic segmentations are also available in Teenmark® studies.
Segmentation makes psychographic data more conducive to analysis. Each psychographic segmentation from the Survey of the American Consumer™ includes several groups or segments, defined by responses to a series of related questions.  For example, the Buying Styles segmentation has five segments: Penny Pinchers, Conscientious Consumers, Buyers of the Best, Habitualized Havers and Swayable Shopaholics.

MEMRI users can custom-design proprietary segmentations using any combination of demographic, behavioral or psychographic variables reported in the Survey.

Click above to download the most up-to-date version of GfK MRI's Psychographic Sourcebook.




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