Starch AdNorms
Top-Line Performance Metrics for Print Advertising.
Long considered an industry standard, Starch AdNorms is a knowledge resource for magazine advertisers, ad agencies and publishers. AdNorms aggregates top-line ad performance data for virtually every print ad in every issue of more than 180 major consumer magazines to provide a benchmark against which individual ads can be measured.
Starch AdNorms provides a broad array of practical and reliable metrics for print marketers. For every ad measured, descriptive data (size, position, color, issue date range, product category, magazine genre) are linked to standard GfK MRI Starch performance metrics (noted, associated, “read any” and “read most” readership, actions taken, and more).
AdNorms provides answers to a long list of media planning questions, including:
  • How much more likely is an ad in a cover position to be noticed than a run-of-book ad?
  • How much more likely is a two-page ad in a specific product category to be noticed and read, versus a one-page ad?
  • In which kinds of publications are readers most likely to be purchasers of certain products
  • Are some product categories more likely to generate specific actions than others?




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