Starch Glossary
ROI Metrics Available in Starch...
Noted: The percentage of issue readers who remember having previously seen the advertisement in the study issue. A measure of stopping power.
Associated: The percentage of issue readers who not only Noted the ad, but also saw or read some part of it that clearly indicated the brand or advertiser. A measure of branding.
Read Any: The percentage of issue readers who read any part of the ad's copy.
Read Most: The percentage of issue readers who read more than half of the written material in the advertisement. A measure of reader involvement.
Brand Disposition: Determines the extent to which readers of the publication are favorably disposed towards specific advertised brands.
Advertising Effects on Brand Disposition: Determines whether the consumer's attitudes towards the advertised brand have been enhances by the ad, a particularly important element for products that are infrequently purchased and for which recent purchase data is sparse.
Bought/Intend to Purchase: GfK MRI Starch adds a deeper dimension to this metric by comparing "Noters" vs. "Non-Noters" of an ad, gauging the effect of the ad or brand itself on purchase interest.
Reader Actions Taken: In addition to Bought/Intend to Purchase, GfK MRI Starch measures other key reader actions taken after seeing an ad, such as visiting the advertiser's website or clipping and saving the ad.
Word of Mouth Opportunity: Measures the extent to which readers of that publication recommend a product or brand to others.
Noting and Read Most/Engagement: Determines if readers who display high levels of agreement with a specific engagement question also Note and Read Most of the copy of ads in the publication at high levels. This is designer to determine which engagement metrics really correlate with interest in advertising and which do not.
Publication Engagement: A measure of the readers involvement with the publication, so that marketers know the extent to which a magazine's level of engagement may drive ad readership.


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