Starch Digital
Delivering Powerful ROI Metrics for Evaluating Digital Print Advertising

For nearly a century, Starch Advertising Research has been the most trusted source of market intelligence about print advertising effectiveness.  Starch Digital is a syndicated service that measures the readership and effectiveness of digital advertising in top consumer magazine brands.  Starch Digital releases data on a monthly basis.  Metrics are available for more than 25 magazine genres and 625 product categories.

Starch Digital Delivers Key ROI Metrics

To date, Starch has measured consumer recall of and response to more than 33,000 digital ads across nearly 1,700 issues of digital consumer magazines.  Key readership mertrics that provide insights at a genre or category level include:

  • Reader demographics (age, education, income, ethnicity, child in household)
  • The percentage of readers who "Noted" a digital advertisement
  • How well an ad was read ("read any" and "read most" ratings)
  • Actions taken as a result of reading a digital advertisement (actual purchase, intention to buy, recommended product, etc.)

Metrics Unique to Digital Print

Additionally, Starch Digital's survey is designed to ask customized questions on unique features in each ad.  For instance, when a digital ad includes a video or a photo gallery, ad readers are asked if they viewed these features.  Metrics include:

  • Use of interactive features (accessed a website through digital print advertising, downloaded an app, etc.)
  • Questions on interactive features (ability to download past issues, like feel of paper, ease of navigation, convenience, colors vibrant compared to paper, etc.)
  • Reading intentions and overlap (likelihood to download tablet edition of title/other titles in the future, if they read the paper version of that title)

Title-Specific Marketing Intelligence

Beginning in March 2012, Starch Digital will measure title-specific data for every ad in every issue of over forty leading consumer magazines on Tablets, eReaders and in digital reproductions.  Title-specific data is scheduled to be available to the marketplace in the Second Quarter of 2012.

Access to Starch Digital

Access is available through GfK MRI's SmartSystem, a proprietary online data delivery system.



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