Starch Syndicated
Starch Syndicated is a comprehensive database of readers' reactions to advertisements in major consumer publications. Starch Syndicated reports on reader involvement with national ads one-third of a page or larger in over 180 national magazines…approximately 144,000 advertisements appearing in 3,150 magazine issues in 2010.
The syndicated database is continuously updated.

Key Benefits

  • Marketers can learn how their ad campaigns performed against their they performed in different magazines and ad positions...and the impact different creative executions have on reader engagement and involvement. All ads are coded for content (coupon, promotional code, sign-up form, sample offer, etc.), allowing marketers to determine which ad elements drive readership.
  • Ad Agencies get a wide-view perspective of how their clients' ads perform--across magazine titles and against competitors.
  • Publishers get a set of reliable metrics for substantiating their titles’ ability to engage readers…and for quantifying the contribution publication engagement makes to advertising engagement.

Starch metrics available in the syndicated report:

  • Noted readership
  • Associated readership
  • Read Any
  • Read Most
  • Brand Disposition
  • Advertising Effects on Brand Disposition
  • Bought/Intend to Purchase
  • Reader Actions Taken
  • Word of Mouth Opportunity
  • Noting and Read Most/Engagement
  • Publication Engagement







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