University Internet Reporter
Academic access to GfK MRI databases.
GfK MRI’s University Internet Reporter provides access to GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer™ for academic use by students and teachers. It also allows students to tap into Teenmark® and several market segmentation reports, including Top Markets, Business-to-Business and Upper Deck
Comments from Academics about UIR

“I can tell you that we really like the product. It solves a long-standing problem for us by making it easy for students to access the Gfk MRI database. I know that faculty have made assignments to use it. And it is very affordable!" 
- Peter McKay, Business Librarian, University of Florida
"Our students use the data in almost all their marketing projects and find it very useful -- especially their ability to access it from anywhere. I would highly recommend this on-line system to other universities."
- Patricia Whalen, Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
"I have found that University Internet Reporter (UIR) is an invaluable asset in both our media planning and advertising campaigns classes.  It's great to give the students a very real world experience and challenge them to find demographic and media information on their own that is topical and current.  Before this service was available we were forced to use very old data or simply find the demographic information on our own and "spoon feed" it to the students.  This way they learn by doing."
- Olan Farnall, Professor, California State University Fullerton
Access Requirements

Users must register with
a university-issued e-mail address. All data use is restricted to non-commercial, academic purposes.

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