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Volume I, March 2010

Insights Into Print Ad Effectiveness

because you asked Introducing Cover-to-Cover, an MRI Starch quarterly publication delivering focused insights into print ad effectiveness. From a revealing analysis of bridal magazines to ads that drive readers to take action, this issue of Cover-to-Cover shows you what works in magazine advertising.
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Product Portfolio
MRI And Media Behavior Institute Partner To Launch USA TouchPoints©

David Shiffman On March 1st, MRI announced a partnership with the Media Behavior Institute (MBI) to launch USA TouchPoints©, a syndicated, consumer-centric, multimedia database that could transform the way media is planned, bought and sold. In this Q&A, we ask Jay Mattlin, SVP New Ventures at MRI, to share his thoughts on the potential role of USA TouchPoints in the marketplace. Read more.

Creative Client
Amalgamated: Putting Brands At The Heart Of A Culture

Brands are everywhere. Some are solely defined by product attributes. Others transcend to become icons embedded in our culture. Amalgamated’s process for building brands puts their clients at the heart of a culture—using MRI to study consumers’ cultural behaviors, interests, perceptions and values. Read more.

Because You Asked
Why Is Source-Of-Copy Not Used In MRI’s Composition Targeting Algorithm?

David Shiffman Advertisers, agencies, and publishers must make the best decisions today in order to positively impact their business during the coming year. A critical component is ensuring that the data they use are proven to be accurate. Read more.

Behind The Numbers
Social Networking Isn’t Just For Kids Anymore

Amalgamated In case you haven’t already heard, social networking isn’t just for the kids anymore. Adults, especially parents, have caught on too. Did you know that nearly one of every two Facebook users (47%) is a mom or a dad? More than 23 million parents used Facebook in the past 30 days according to MRI’s Fall 2009 Survey of the American Consumer — an increase of 210% over the past year! Read more.