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Volume III, October 2010

Innovation at GfK MRI
Transitioning to Multiplatform Print Brand Measurement

Following nearly a year of testing, GfK MRI recently announced a change in the Survey of the American Consumer. Beginning in 2011, we will measure the readership of print brands -- in other words, the readership of printed magazines as well as magazine readership on every type of digital platform and in all digital forms. Consistent with GfK MRI’s standards of high-quality research, we started testing in 2009 to develop optimal survey wording to measure the readership of print brands. Read more.

Behind the Numbers
GfK MRI -- Making Don Draper Proud

 The partners at Sterling Cooper Draper & Pryce would be happy to know that Mad Men’s audience likes advertising just as much as they do. Their viewers also have a lot in common with Don Draper, Joan Harris and the other “Mad Men.” Read more.

Product Portfolio
‘Granularity’ Delivers More Accurate Measure of Print Advertising’s Impact on Sales

Magazines can now get the attention they deserve in marketing mix models. Granularity, GfK MRI’s online system for inputting more precise weekly and local magazine readership data into marketing mix modeling systems, is now available. Read more.

Product Portfolio
Actual Reach, Actionable Results: AdMeasure Optimizer -- GfK MRI’s New Advanced Print Planning Optimizer

Advertising-based print planning, once an elusive goal, is now just a few clicks away. AdMeasure Optimizer, GfK MRI’s print optimizer system, allows planners to calculate the potential reach of print schedules based on exposure to ads versus overall readership of magazine titles. This Internet-based system is being beta tested by clients and will be available for market use by the end of 2010. Read more.

Because You Asked
When speaking about the Survey of the American Consumer, GfK MRI often refers to "Waves," such as Wave 62. What does this mean?

David Shiffman

GfK MRI releases Survey of the American Consumer data twice a year -- in the spring and fall. Each study contains one year of data, collected in two periods of field work, called Waves. Each Wave is assigned a number. Spring and fall studies always have one Wave in common to ensure consistent data.
Read more.

The Impact of Ad Adjacencies on Readership


The October issue of Cover-to-Cover, Starch Advertisting Research's quarterly publication that delivers focused insights into print ad effectiveness, features the following:

  • The Impact of Ad Adjacencies on Readership
  • Campaign Closeup: Gardasil HPV Rx
  • Ad Rank: Parade, June 27, 2010

Read more.

New and Noteworthy
2010 Psychographic Sourcebook Available in Hard Copy

GfK MRI’s Psychographic Sourcebook is a guide to the attitudinal questions and consumer segmentations that are available in the Survey of the American Consumer, Teenmark and The American Kids Study. The 2010 hard copy of the sourcebook is now available and the PDF version, which is continually updated, is accessible online. To receive a hard copy of the guide, contact us.

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