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Volume IV, December 2010

Insights for Marketers
Marketing to Vacation Travel Influencers

Attitudes & motivations of hospitality’s most influential guests

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Where they stayed, what they did, the food they ate — people love to talk about vacations. But some talk a lot more than others, and that translates to opportunities for hospitality marketers.
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Commentary By Kathi Love
Magazines Come Of Age In Media Mix Modeling

kathi love
President, CEO
Kathi Love
The time is at hand for publishers to demand a more privileged seat at the table of marketing mix modeling. As it now stands, magazines are too often among the last media to get "served" with ad dollars and, frankly, too often they get leftovers. But the past three years have yielded dramatic improvements in print-audience measurement.
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Product Portfolio
2010 American Kids Study — New Brand Data; New Insights Into Parent / Child Balance Of Power

because you asked Who controls a family’s shopping list? Ask the kids and they’ll say they do. Which is true, to a certain extent. Nine in ten U.S. children influence the breakfast foods mom/dad purchase and 55% ask their parents to buy things they saw on TV.
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Behind the Numbers
eReaders on the Rise

because you asked On planes, at parks, in coffee shops — we’re seeing them just about everywhere. Nearly six million U.S. adults own an eReader according to the latest data from GfK MRI. Read more.

Because You Asked
How Do I Run One-Wave Data in MEMRI?

David Shiffman Each Survey of the American Consumer Spring and Fall study contains one year of data, collected in two periods of field work, called Waves. Before each new Wave goes into the field, however, the Product Questionnaire and Personal Interview are evaluated and revised to include any new questions.
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Happy Holidays
The GfK MRI Research-Based Holiday Gift Guide

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Wishing for diamonds this holiday season? No guarantees, but if you’re from the Southeast, or Middle Atlantic you stand a better chance than hopeful recipients in other areas. Chocoholics in the Middle Atlantic or Pacific regions are more likely than others to get their just desserts.
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