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Volume I, March 2011

The Print Industry Gets It Right

The print industry today is facing strong competition from new media technologies and content distribution platforms which promise immediate information about the performance of an advertiser’s efforts. It is time for the print industry to aggressively respond to this new environment, moving away from circulation guarantees and providing advertisers with more specific reader response information about a publication’s editorial and advertising messaging.
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Creative Client
Indie Guy — The New Male Target

Chip Walker

By Chip Walker, Executive Vice President, Director of Brand Planning at Y&R

As a senior agency executive, I’m often asked to help clients sell to a young adult male target audience. I have to say it’s one of marketing’s toughest challenges. The reason?
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Insights For Marketers
The Secret Sauce Of Marketing To Frequent QSR Patrons

because you asked Quick Serve Restaurant “Frequent Patrons” are on the lookout for ways to live healthier, but like many of us they habitually make unhealthy choices. And some care — conceptually — about supporting companies that are environmentally responsible, but will not give up convenience to be green themselves.
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At Your Service
GfK MRI’s Consumer Insights Group Turns Marketplace Mysteries Into Success Stories

because you asked In fiction, Sherlock Holmes helped Scotland Yard solve mysteries using science and intuition. In business, GfK MRI helps marketers solve problems using research and insight. GfK MRI’s Consumer Insights Group turns marketplace mysteries into success stories via our new Virtual On-Site (VOS) service.
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New And Noteworthy
Coming This April - Two GfK MRI Webinars:

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