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Volume III, October 2011

Product Portfolio
Five Things You Should Know About Consumers, Tablets And eReaders

Since Tablet and eReader ownership is growing in leaps and bounds, understanding the ways in which these devices are changing consumer behavior is important to many industries--from publishers and advertisers to device manufacturers and app developers. Here are 5 things you need to know about consumers and their digital devices. Read more.

Insights For Marketers
In the Bag: Identifying Category Shopper Behaviors And Attitudes At The Store Level

A dress for the holidays, an espresso maker and a bath mat to replace the one the dog chewed. Ideally, shoppers will come into a department store and purchase many items—the more, the better. That's one reason why wide sweep, store-brand marketing is effective in bringing consumers into stores like JCPenney. But marketing broadly to department store shoppers is not always the best way to reach buyers of specific product categories. What shoppers think about the store, actions they take after shopping and the media they use often differ based on the categories in which they make purchases. Read more.

USA TouchPoints™ Uniquely Granular, Comprehensive Data On How Adults Spend Time—24/7

As many GfK MRI clients know, USA TouchPoints™ is a groundbreaking new tool that provides a uniquely granular and comprehensive look at how Americans spend their daily lives.  The service delivers cross-media insights as well as views of the life context in which consumers experience media: where consumers are, who they're with, what they're doing, how they feel, and the emotions they're experiencing throughout the day — in half hour increments — all captured using a smartphone App. Read more.

Julie Says, "Do This Not That!" Finding Heavy Brand Users In GfK MRI Data

Julie Erbe
GfK MRI Manager /
Web Training &
Advertiser Services

When you are looking for heavy users of a brand—the shopper/user who moves 70-80% of that brand—run a tercile calculation from brand usage; do NOT add brand users to heavy users of the category.

The tercile function produces the most compelling heavy brand user data, while adding heavy category usage and brand usage can produce results driven by heavy consumers of other brands in that category. Read more.

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