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Volume I, February 2012

Q&A with Dr. Julian Baim
Ad Noting Scores For Digital Versus Printed Magazines

julian baimGfK MRI EVP and
Chief Research Officer
Dr. Julian Baim

GfK MRI recently launched Starch Digital, a syndicated ad measurement service that delivers powerful ROI metrics for evaluating digital print advertising. Since May 2011, Starch has measured more than 33,000 digital ads on Tablets, eReaders and in digital reproductions, such as Zinio and Coverleaf. Here, we talk with Dr. Julian Baim, GfK MRI’s EVP and chief research officer, about a topic in the forefront of publishers' and advertisers' minds: “How do digital magazine ads perform in comparison to printed magazine ads?”
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Behind the Numbers
Lights, Camera, Action: America (Still) Goes to the Movies

"And the winner is …" Although GfK MRI is not in the business of forecasting whether Meryl Streep or Glenn Close will win an Academy Award on February 26, we can tell you that going to the movies remains a winning activity among U.S. consumers. Attendance at movie theaters has increased in the past five years. Furthermore, people who watch movies online have not abandoned the theater; they are more likely than typical adults to also go to the movies.
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Digital Consumer Update
Magazine Reading on Tablets—What Readers Want

Glance over shoulders on the subway, in a coffee shop, just about anywhere and you'll see people reading magazines on Tablets. GfK MRI is learning how consumers use this new medium through iPanel—a panel composed exclusively of Tablet and eReader owners.  Among our new data is information on Tablet owners' interest in reading digital magazines as well as what they have to say about the experience — important considerations for guiding the industry towards making the right decisions early in the digital revolution.
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Julie Says
Get Psyched Out, Not Left Out

Julie Erbe
GfK MRI Manager /
Web Training &
Advertiser Services

Marketers increasingly demand more than just quantitative measures of audience behaviors. They also need psychographic information to develop consumer profiles that inform on the attitudinal factors that drive audience action. Don't limit your GfK MRI resources to demographic, product and media data; understand the "whys" behind certain targets' actions by using our psychographic segmentation analyses.

GfK MRI's psychographic data can provide direction for marketing strategies by better predicting consumer activity, particularly when combined with demographic and behavioral data.
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USA TouchPoints™ Update
5 Things You May Not Know About Consumers

With the next release of USA TouchPoints™ data due at the end of February from Media Behavior Institute, here are five insights revealed in the data currently being used by media agencies and media owners to explore the contexts in which people use media and to create actionable consumer stories relevant to advertisers.
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