Introducing The GfK MRI Audience Risk Manager




Magazine publishers now have a tool to help them offer performance guarantees based on a publication’s total audience, an ad campaign’s total advertising audience or an ad campaign’s actions taken audience. GfK MRI's new Audience Risk Manager is the industry's first syndicated solution for constructing audience guarantees.

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Building Consumer Relationships By Delving Into The Details

Osborn Barr helps make things grow—literally. A marketing agency whose clients target farmers and rural Americans, Osborn Barr helps many of the agricultural industry's largest seed, crop protection, machinery, tire and building companies grow their businesses. As users of GfK MRI data since 2009, Osborn Barr takes insights beyond the data's ever-important utility for media planning to inform their staff and clients on consumer behaviors and attitudes. "Knowledge of a target's product preferences and daily activities helps us form a complete picture of the people we need to reach," said Osborn Barr Account Supervisor Lisa Bocklage.  "GfK MRI allows us to integrate key details into many areas of marketing—from creative concept development to customer premiums."

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QR Code Users Wield The Power Of Influence

Consumers looking for immediate information and money-saving deals can "snap to it" and take pictures of QR Codes to access content. These 2-D barcodes let users instantly connect to information—including a marketer's website—from mobile devices, and they have been used by about 9 percent of U.S. adults who own smartphones. As seen with other new technologies, it's the early adopters who are leading the way.

GfK MRI data show that "snappers" are "Category Influentials"—consumers who are deeply familiar with certain product categories, based on their answers to the Category INFLUENTIALS battery in GfK MRI's Survey of the American Consumer™.

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Julie Says: "Select Bases To Reflect The Universe You Are Targeting"
Julie Erbe
Manager / Web Training & Advertiser Services

What do Survey of the American Consumer clients and political candidates have in common? They both narrow their bases to make a point. The base in a data analysis is the universe of consumers under consideration. The default base in MEMRI is All Adults and it is used by clients just about all of the time. However, it's not always the best base to show how segments of a target group possess unique attributes.

For example, let's use a base of All Adults to compare participation in public activities among adults as a whole versus adults who vote. No big surprises here—the findings confirm what we'd expect.

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USA TouchPoints Update: Tablets — Four Insights Into Context Of Use

At the exact moment Tablet owners are exposed to an ad, where they are, what they're doing and who they are with all come together to affect the impact of the message. USA TouchPoints has released data that, among other insights, report four learnings about the context of Tablet use:

1. Home is where the Tablet is.
The majority of Tablet use takes place in the home, at work and during travel.

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New & Noteworthy

GfK MRI Presents at the ARF Audience Measurement 7.0

Coming to the ARF Audience Measurement 7.0 conference in June?  If yes, add us to your agenda.

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Retail Stores and Categories Added to New Release of GfK MRI Focus: Retail

The 2012 release of GfK MRI Focus: Retail, available this summer, brings marketers store-level data on specific purchase behaviors, attitudes that drive traffic and post-shopping activities of consumers.

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